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Executive Resume

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executive and senior-level manager who is very serious about progressing in today’s competitive market. Our powerful executive resume writing expertise will clearly position you as a prominent leader while portraying you as a candidate worthy of achieving or maintaining a six-figure+ salary.

Emphasizing a record of profitability, productivity, continued growth and operational development is a crucial in conveying your ability to consistently deliver contributions and seize opportunities. Your executive resume must demonstrate a proven track record in growing sustainable revenues and margins through effective sales and marketing strategies, re-engineering operations, identifying new business opportunities, and cost containment initiatives. At the same time, an executive resume should highlight the fact that you are able to get others to buy in to your ideas while building and maintaining a positive, productive, and enterprising environment. Employers NEED to know that you possess forward thinking, and what you bring to the table.

An executive resume should focus on:

  • Change agent: Raise the bar by implementing new initiatives while preserving the founding values of integrity, openness, customer service, and results.
  • Strategic planning: Develop strategic objectives that accommodate current and future organizational needs.
  • “Take-charge” ability: Hit the ground running with ideas and be receptive to ideas of others.
  • Visionary: An “idea person” who challenges traditional ways of conducting business and is willing to take calculated risks. Demonstrated ability to think strategically, act tactically, and motivate others to buy into his or her ideas, concepts and values.
  • Professional integrity: Understands the value of honesty, accountability, and trust in a business environment.
  • Charisma: A natural ability for captivating an audience and holding their interest; a presence that commands respect.
  • Effective use of inner resources: Strength of character to trust gut instincts and take the initiative to drive change.

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Things To Include In Your Executive Resume

As a senior executive, your audience is much different from that the entry-level employee or Manager. Your resume is going to be scrutinized by other executives, directors, VPs, Board Members, and everyone else in the C-suite. If you want to land an executive position, you need an executive written resume that has these key components in it.

  1. You have to Bring a Clear Message – Your executive resume needs a clear, succinct message about the value you bring and it must be focused on your target (position/company). If you state in your summary that a key area of strength is your ability to open a business in Latin American markets, then make sure your resumes messaging gives clear examples of successes in this area. Your executive resume focus should be consistent throughout the document which will increase the probability of that interview call happening.
  2. Deliver ROI – You must present evidence that you’ve added value in your past positions and that you can “bring it” to their bottom line. If your resume shows that you have increased revenue and/or profit, cut overhead or boosted productivity, people will want to meet you. Be very specific – Don’t just state that you “increased sales” – say that you increased sales by it 28% in Q2, or by $2M FY2016. Demonstrating achievements in the executive resume is of HUGE importance to getting an interview.
  3. You must have an eye-catching, visually-captivating layout – if you’re going to make a powerful first impression with the Board. You’re going to be on a full two pages sometimes three emphasizing achievements and bottom-line results. It lets them know you play ball in their league, and command a salary well into the six figures. The correct resume layout allows the reader to easily move their eye through the document, getting what they need to see for them to call you for the interview.

At Resume Karma, we are specialists in developing executive resumes for the C-Suite professional. Establishing your Brand is our mandate … demonstrating your ROI is our expertise. With over 10 years of successful experience in developing high impact resumes and job search strategies, we have consistently provided our clients with the tools and expertise required to propel their careers into the Board Room.   

Does your Executive resume effectively reflect your Brand and the type of executive manager you are?